Building your people capability
Disrupting the people development industry through the exploitation of your operational data
Agilexe recognises our customers existential need to improve employee performance and engagement in the modern work environment.
We've advanced beyond traditional linear, time consuming processes;
instead using data and artificial intelligence to deliver cost effective and fully assured people capability solutions upon which your operational aims and objectives are built and achieved.

Our Products


Shadow links the objectives of an organisation with the training needs of its teams and individual employees, identifying the most suitable knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for them to successfully complete the tasks they conduct.


Schema uses task data to build and sequence learning and development frameworks from which learning content can be developed that is entirely aligned with cognitive, psychomotor, attitudinal and interpersonal skill requirements.


Sphere delivers immersive and engaging learning content that develops the full range of skills required of your workforce to deliver your operational effect.


Scrutineer delivers data driven recommendations to improve the support provided by a businesses process, structure, activities or people to its objectives.


Spirit recommends optimal human performance interventions for deployment in support of identified cultural objectives.

What makes our products different?

You are the core of the solution

Our products are powered by your business objective data to ensure they always meet your needs.

Effectively integrating data, decisions, and operations

Whether we are defining business objectives, making automated suggestions for content, or developing remediation options, data is always at the heart of it.

Speed and Agility

Our products have evolved beyond traditional, time consuming linear processes and instead provide unrivalled speed, agility and assurance enabled by machine learning and automation

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