Delivering immersive and engaging learning experiences

Sphere provides a 360° solution structured in a way that supports all learner types and develops a competent and confident workforce.

The media and methodology used for our solutions engage individuals of all age groups and all learning styles to stimulate the retention of relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours to contribute to the business goals. Sphere supports individual career progression and strategic workforce planning when combined with appropriate Learning Management Systems.

Contextualised to meet your organisation's needs

A majority of learning solutions do not meet the operational needs of an organisation, especially if third party 'off the shelf' products are used.

Sphere will embed your cultural and behavioural requirements within the solution to ensure that learning can support the task outcomes and not just a subject area.

Modernising the learning environment

Sphere uses modern technology to change the way learning content is linked to the operational goals of the organisation.
Using the core data from shadow and schema, modern learning methods and media can be recommended that match an organisations budget.
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