Learning design for the 21st Century

Schema provides a framework that ensures learning activities are well structured, easy to understand, and engaging for learners while ultimately meeting the operational needs of your team and organisation in the most agile and economical manner.

By using Schema to guide the development process, you can ensure that your learning activities are relevant, efficient, and cost- effective while streamlining the overall process.

Building stories into learning content

Storytelling can be a powerful tool in the design of learning content. When it's used effectively, helps learning content become more engaging and memorable for learners.

Schema employs our AI-powered algorithms to analyse a variety of data sources before integrating the outcomes with practices leveraged from diverse sectors such as journalism and film-making.

Defining and building the connection with your learner

Schema defines the learning story required to engage, interest, and empower learners and enable agile content development, recommending interactive, contextualised learning events.

Data-driven insights creating customised training programmes tailored to your team's needs

Schema's contextualised solutions ensure that learning outcomes are deployable to the workplace and deliver clear, tangible returns on investment.
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