About Us

What We Do

We’re focused on providing the world’s best support to the people capability field, supporting businesses by working with their data and empowering people to ask and answer complex questions.
We utilise a wide range of data sources to identify opportunities and threats to the development of your people capability.
To meet these challenges and provide you with a competitive edge we will recommend, design, develop, implement, assure, and integrate best practice, from wherever it can be found or developed, to improve and support your people capability.

We understand that our clients know their business, and we don’t presume to know better than your people.  However, we will challenge your teams with our technical expertise and external perspective, and work with them in applying the appropriate methodologies to develop your people to support and meet your company needs.

We think differently

We are not a training provider, instead we have an unwavering focus upon supporting your organisational goals and will never recommend training solutions where the data does not justify them.

We are unashamedly eclectic and pragmatic in seeking out and integrating best practice, and recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ solution typically results in a poor fit for the majority.

We deliver solutions at the point of need

We collaborate with our clients directly, deploying our products, integrating their data, and producing operational results in weeks, not years.

We believe that establishing integrated partnerships is the only way forward, thereby enabling our customers to obtain the optimal solution for their training requirements.

Where we're going

At Agilexe we are passionate about improving the range and quality of support we are able to provide our clients and we actively look for opportunities to advance and revolutionise the people capability environment. As part of these aspirations we continue to refine our processes, expand the range of industries in which our products are deployed, and expand the services we offer.

In working with our clients and evolving our offer we will continue to aim to work with those suppliers, partners, and clients whose values align with our own.

Our Values


Agilexe is committed to supporting and developing efforts to build a better planet. We always behave responsibly towards the environment and strive to exercise environmental leadership in preventing negative impacts upon the world around us.

Working conditions & human rights

The highly capable and skilled people that Agilexe employs and partners with, to meet client requirements, are our most vital asset. They are essential to the success of our business.

We foster a workplace that provides a healthy, safe, and secure working environment aligned with international best practices, while also supporting the protection and advancement of human rights in all operations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Agilexe is only able to achieve the highest standards of service delivery by having diverse employees, business partners and relationships throughout our operations. We are committed to providing a working environment that is welcoming, respectful, and engaging for all to maximise employee potential and to ensure that all employees and job applicants receive equal access in relation to employment, terms and conditions, training and promotion.

Employee Safety

The safety of our employees, clients, business partners, and those who come into contact with our operations is paramount. Agilexe seeks to promote health and welfare across all operations and to eliminate all work related injuries and illness. As a business we will demonstrate leadership in all aspects of health, safety and environmental matters and work to build a strong and robust safety culture.


Ethical business conduct is at the very core of how Agilexe operates. We will always comply with the laws and rules of the countries and organisations where we conduct business and aim to be a responsible and sensible global corporate citizen. All Agilexe operations are conducted in an honest and transparent manner and we will endeavour to continually develop a culture which fosters the spirit of corporate ethics.
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