Delivering credible and proven operational improvements

Shadow collects and structures operational data to describe your business objectives, using this common foundation to inform people capability development options including recruitment and personnel competence requirements.

From multi- division, globally dispersed workforces to single individuals, Shadow is the end to end solution to ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, in the right place, to deliver your business goals

Beyond the individual

Shadow's data structures eliminate preconceptions about people capability requirements and instead provides data driven recommendations that account for task commonality across the organisation/business.

Shadow identifies common skill requirements and provides cost effective options for individual, team and common workforce development solutions providing a measurable return on investment.

Shadow keeps pace with your changing needs

By maintaining connection with your operational data, Shadow is able to iteratively analyse, and make recommendations to support any changes required of your people capability, as your business goals and objectives evolve.
Shadow's cognitive, psychomotor, behavioural and interpersonal algorithm engine ensures that the specific impact of the changes upon the workforce are accurately captured and analysed, and time phased cost effective solutions recommended, to assure continued operational effectiveness.

Tailored outputs

Shadow recommendations and solutions are driven from the core data and Artificial Intelligence. They are unashamedly outcome focused.

To support decision makers in choosing the right solution Shadow generates fully configurable and contextualised evidence outputs that can be integrated into a range of reporting  formats.

Fully Assured

Shadow's data structure and analysis processes are
fully compliant with a range of learning approaches,
including a Systematic Approach to Training and local variations such as DSAT, ADDIE, ADDIE- M, ADA etc.
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